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Online sales in veterinary practices

• Introduction: presentation + link with the four previous modules and the Vet Digital Training initiative.

• Transformation is underway and your customers are ready to buy their veterinary products online.

• Analysis of the French model where more than 2000 veterinary practices already sell online

• Comparison with other models (US, UK, Belgium deployment)

• How to evaluate the relevance of doing it if I have the opportunity (financial, logistical, practical aspects)?

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Grégory Santaner, an associate veterinarian in two French establishments, will share with you, thanks to his 15 years of experience in digital communication strategy, pragmatic examples and tips that can be easily applied.

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Module #6 > Autumn 2021

45 minutes + 15 minutes for questions and answers

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Previous REPLAY summaries

Module n°1

1. Introduction: presentation + objectives of the two first training modules

2. Digitalising animal health practices: digital communication, digital reputation, arrival of connected objects

3. How choosing a veterinarian is now made (results from a general public survey)

4. Understanding the legal aspects so as to avoid endangering oneself with digital technology

5. The fundamental element of your online presence: your website

6. Conclusions and overview of module n°2 on Google My Business, social networks and how to manage digital

Module n°2

1. Your Google My Business account is a key strategic element

2. Your presence on Facebook and what it can do for you

3. The 3 key points that will help you to evolve digitally

4. Conclusions and review of the two sessions

Module n°3

What is online reputation for a veterinary practice and why is it strategically important?

- How to monitor your online reputation?
- How to respond to online comments and opinions?
- How to protect yourself and ultimately benefit from your online reputation?

Module n°4

1. Communicating through networks: the battle for attention and commitment is on!

2. In practice: how to post on Facebook, Google My Business and Instagram?

3. What to post on Facebook, Google My Business and Instagram to reach your community?

4. Conclusions and perspectives on the importance of developing a digital community

BONUS: 3 "magic" posts to reach your community